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Middle School Lunch Duty

Part of my job also includes doing middle school lunch duty for 6th, 7th, and 8th. Recently I typed up my timeline for each grade and the rules for the lunchroom. I thought it might help others volunteering in there to know what was going on. My system breaks down the last 10 minutes of lunch for each grade. In an earlier post I wrote about my helper system. These green sheets explain how that helper reward system works, when to start clean-up and how to let the tables go. I put them on a brown cabinet in the front of the lunch room.

IMG_0204 IMG_0205


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QR Codes

I have started putting QR codes in the books that students can scan and it will open extra content on their phones related to the book! I have also put a URL in the books if students don’t have QR readers. I thought this would be a fun way to try and bring in more students to the library who are more in to technology then reading. I thought it would be neat and fun for students to be able to pull up book trailers or fun book related content with their phones. I made the QR codes on a application for smart phones. I also created a website using to hold all the extra content. The site is URL isĀ

IMG_0059 IMG_0060 IMG_0061

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