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Displays, Displays, Displays

I use to be so good about posting photos of all my library displays! My first year working at a school library had me making just the displays for the elementary school. However, when I took over making displays for the elementary, middle, and high school … I didn’t have time to post pictures of them as frequently. >.< I’d stay after work getting them up and then head home to do homework. Long days! 🙂 I loved making all of these displays, so here is a .pdf with photos for all the K-12th grade library displays I made during the 2015-2016 school year. I am frequent user and I am often inspired by other library displays. I get really into making these and hope you like them! 🙂

I still need to make one of these documents for the 2014-2015 school year, but for now you can see those throughout the blog. 🙂




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Philosophy of International Librarianship

Hello fellow library friends,

I’m so close to graduating and currently finishing my final classes! I’m definitely excited, but also ready to finish. 🙂 I’m taking two classes, my final project class and a two-credit class on global librarianship. I didn’t really know what to expect in the two-credit class, but I am really enjoying it. I have never taken a class like it and just turned in my first assignment…. So fingers crossed! I’m proud of the work I turned in, but the assignment was really a first for me. I’ve always taken classes related to teen/children services in public and/or school libraries near me or in the United States. This first assignment required us to write a persona sketch for a community member in Guatemala. This is just one of many assignments leading up to a large group project for the class. I really enjoyed it, but did find it challenging to write about a culture I knew nothing about.  I learned a lot and did a ton of research! It was eye opening and I’m excited for the final project at the end of the class. The assignment also had us share our personal philosophy on international librarianship. My personal philosophy, which I submitted for the assignment, is below and I’d love your thoughts. Do you agree or disagree? Why?


– Dom

Part 2: Philosophy

            My personal philosophy for international librarianship is that librarians are information guides, intermediaries, teachers, students, and advocates for their community. The library is a place where new and emerging information technologies are combined with traditional community information resources (Freeman, 2005, p. 3). Libraries are places that continually foster a love of reading and the ethical exploration and preservation of information. I am a strong believer that we all have our own story and this provides us with individually unique outlooks and sets of gifts (Northwestern University ABCD Institute, n.d., p. 2). International librarianship is aiding in the creation of spaces where community members are able to share those gifts with one another.

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Week 8: Learning Journal Assignment

Dominique Burns, INFO 233-10, Professors Buchanan and Harlan, Learning Journal Assignment Week 8


Lately I have been exploring virtual makerspaces that I could tie in with the technology curriculum at the school where I work. The school is a K-12 science and technology charter school here in Colorado. Since this week we are learning about technology trends, I thought it would be fun to try out a new online resource. I decided to explore the “Best Websites for Teaching & Learning” link on this week’s module.

1When I first arrived at the American Association of School Librarians website I clicked on the 2015 recommendations and then “Social Networking & Communication.” After exploring the list of options, I went with the site StoryboardThat. I chose this site for two reasons. The first was because I am the Anime and Manga club sponsor where I work, and clubs at this school are a class once a week during block schedule. I thought that it could potentially make for a fun club activity. The second reason was that I wanted to see if I could use it to create a virtual makerspace for students in the library.

I made an account and decided to try making my own storyboard. I really liked that there were so many creative options to choose from. I was able to choose scenes, characters, textables, shapes and different locations for my story. Everything was drag and drop, which made learning to use the site fairly easy. I could even customize my character’s hair, eyes, and skin color. I have to say after making my own storyboard that I love the site! I can picture setting up Chromebooks in the library for a virtual makerspace activity and/or implementing this in the Anime and Manga club.


I’m excited to show my students this site and I’m pretty sure they will make way better storyboards than the one I did. Here is my storyboard:



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Week 4: Learning Journal Assignment

Dominique Burns

INFO 233-10, Professors Buchanan and Harlan

Learning Journal Assignment Week 4

11247_pkg1One of the options for these weekly PLN journal entries is to write about “Leading voices in the field” (Buchanan & Harlan, n.d.). Nancy Pearl, besides having an obviously cool name, is a leading voice in the field of librarianship. She may also be one of only librarians out there that has her own action figure. This isn’t exactly what makes her a leading voice in the field of librarianship, but it is a fun fact. What makes her a leading voice in the field of librarianship is her drive for reading and literacy. Author Kim Rodriguez (2011) believes it is important for all librarians to dream from day one and Pearl has done just that.

Pearl is notably known for her “City-wide book clubs” started in 1998, were she inspired many individuals to join her book club called “If All of Seattle Read the Same Book” (Abe Books). Her goal was to get more people reading and she ultimately succeeded as the program was adopted by other cites. The program was later re-named “One City One Book” (Rodgers, 2002). Pearl’s program since then has grown substantially. There are now instructions for implementing book clubs based off of her initial program. These can be found on the American Library Association website.

Pearl has become so influential in her profession, as a librarian, that companies like now work with her. Individuals can buy her favorite out-of-print book recommendations based off her “Book Lust Rediscoveries series” through The company works with her to re-print books she believes are important and should be universally read. This is no easy feat, as Pearl has had to inspire and convince others to believe in her programs and causes. Her citywide book clubs started as a way to bring awareness and promote reading. Now Pearl’s belief in the importance of reading and her excitement is shared with large-scale companies, such as

Pearl is also an active public speaker and in a simple YouTube search you can find and listen to her talk. I find Pearl to be very inspirational and would recommend that all librarians in training take some time to listen to her speak. Here is a short video from Pearl talking about what drew her to librarianship.


Nancy pearl



Rodriquez, K. (2011). Be the change, live the dream—from day one. In G.K. Dickinson & J. Repman (Eds.), School Library Management. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, LLC.

Rogers, M. (2002, April 1). Libraries offer chapter and verse on citywide book clubs. Library Journal. Retrieved from

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Week 1: Learning Journal Assignment

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 5.50.44 PM

Dominique Burns

INFO 233-10, Professors Buchanan and Harlan

Learning Journal Assignment Week 1

In LIBR 266 one of the assignments was to pretend buy books for the San Jose Public Library using Library Journal, Publishers Weekly and School Library Journal. Following the detailed instructions and requirements I flipped through countless pages of magazines and journals. These publications gave me numerous ideas and book suggestions, however the process took a while and felt very one-dimensional. I don’t want to take away from what I learned with the assignment, because I do now utilize these publications. I access them through the magazine application on my iPad. Nicole A. Cooke (2011) writes, “Librarians owe it to their clients and to themselves as competent professionals, to remain abreast of trends and developments in the field” (p. 2). I agree with Cooke (2011) and I think that because I work with high school students I have become prone to using online platforms more frequently in my job.

The students at the high school I work at have access to information 24/7 and in order to keep up professionally with their information needs I have started to utilize different online platforms. I use these online platforms to provide my students answers and to grow the high school’s library collection. I love the site when it comes to not only researching books, but also connecting with others. I can get book recommendations based off my own personal reads or my student’s interests. The site gives me immediate access to user made book lists and online book groups. I can add and connect with friends, other librarians, educators, authors, book reviewers, and general users on the site. I constantly get ideas for new programs, books, and even displays from other users. I’ve had more than one occasion where a student comes in to the library and asks for book recommendations. Since these students have access to information quickly, it is easy to lose them if I don’t have an answer. It sounds a little silly, but that is the world that many of our teen library patrons live in. allows me to type in any book title, author, and/or genre to search for book recommendations. It takes me seconds to pull up information and provide any answers I may not have.

What I like about the site is not just the quickness it provides me with information, but the wide professional learning network it gives me. The site offers users the opportunity to be a lurker, participant, or leader (Buchanan, Developing your PLN, 2015). I can be as active as I want on the site when it comes to “growing, cultivating, and sustaining” my “professional learning network (PLN)” (The Tenacious Teacher-Librarian Blog, 2015). I’m a fan of Goodreads and if you are familiar with the site I’d love to hear more opinions about using it as a resource for librarians. Do you like it? Do you think it works? How do you use the site?


 Buchanan, S. (2015). Developing your pln [Online Lecture].

Retrieved from

Cooke, N.A. (2011, May 31). Professional development 2.0 for librarians: Developing an online personal learning network (pln). World Library and Information Congress,1-13.

Goodreads (n.d.) Retrieved from

 The Tenacious Teacher-Librarian [Blog].

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Anime Club

I am the Anime and Manga club sponsor for grades 6th-9th. Clubs at the school are a class once a week during block schedule. The clubs are a neat combination of a traditionally student-run club and a middle school/high school class. The students get to learn about Japan’s history and popular culture through the use of anime. I get to create fun and interactive curriculum that can be enjoyed by both middle school and high school students. We watch anime, read Japanese comics (also known as “manga”), play trivia, draw, and create fun anime mementos on craft day.

I am not able to share photos of the students in the club, but here is what I can share from our “learn to draw chibi” day! 🙂 Mr. Stout the technology teacher came and helped teach the club of 23 students how to draw chibi (miniature drawings) versions of themselves. He brought books and used the projector to show the students how to draw chibi anime characters of themselves.

IMG_0266 IMG_0270 IMG_0269

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My “April is Poetry Month” Display

IMG_0257 IMG_0258 IMG_0248

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Book to Movie

I started taking the posters out of the teen magazines and giving them to the students. If the actor or actress played a character in movie that was originally a book I hang it up and label it. I put them up in the magazine area of the library to try and get our magazine readers more in to reading fictional books. 🙂


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My Penguin Library Lesson

I thought this was a really fun lesson! I made these penguins and had the students in each class put sticky notes with facts about penguins on them. I first read different grade appropriate books about penguins and afterwords talked to the kids about where to find animal books in the library. 🙂

IMG_0249 IMG_0220 IMG_0219 IMG_0215 IMG_0213 IMG_0212

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Funny Library Signs

I am not the biggest fan of signs… I don’t want to scare the kids off! 🙂 I made this one with fun memes when I had to lock up the library or close it during the day. Since we have an attached technology lab to the library, students can easily enter the library. This was a reminder to not enter it if there are no adults.


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