Week 14: Learning Journal Assignment

Dominique Burns, INFO 233-10, Professors Buchanan and Harlan, Learning Journal Assignment Week 14


I have discovered the greatest website! Okay that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it is a pretty cool website. My students actually told me about it and I have been exploring it for days now. The site is Reddit, but the section of the site I have become a fan of is Reddit/r/books. Reddit has over 36 million user accounts and over 11,000 online communities. Most the communities are active and you can see in a feed how often posts are updated. You can explore the site without an account, however you can’t post on the feeds without one.  I made an account, but decided to lurk and explore instead of posting on the feeds.  Reddit/r/books provides users with book recommendations, fandoms, book clubs, and author talks. Author talks take place in a forum where users can ask questions and converse with real famous authors. There is also an upcoming calendar feed with information about which authors will be hosting an AMA. An AMA is a “Ask Me Anything” feed where members of the Reddit/r/books can talk in real-time with these authors.

Members of the site can also share articles from around the Internet in a massive RSS style feed. I’ve been able to read about the latest news for books and librarians on Reddit/r/books. For example one user posted an article titled “The Librarian Who Saved Timbuktu’s Cultural Treasures From al Qaeda.” It was an incredible read and I recommend taking some time to read it. Another cool read I came across was about Roald Dahl. The article talks about the author’s life and provides insight beyond his children’s books. Other topics found on the Reddit/r/books feed included summer reading goals, waterproof e-readers, book to movies, and the list go on! I definitely recommend taking some time to explore Reddit/r/books. This online community is a great way to grow both personal and professional learning networks in a fun online setting.

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