Week 13: Learning Journal Assignment

Dominique Burns, INFO 233-10, Professors Buchanan and Harlan, Learning Journal Assignment Week 13


I’ve been working with students to get ready for a video game event in the high school library at the end of April. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel on this, so I thought I’d explore online for blogs and articles from other librarians who have hosted similar events. The first article I found online was called “Gaming in Libraries” from TechSoup for Libraries. The article provided me some great information on the educational benefits of video games in the library and a checklist of items for a video game event. They suggested that you have the following items:

  • Consoles (Gamecube, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.)
  • Wireless Controllers
  • Number of Controllers
  • TVs or Projectors
  • Multiplayer Games or Single Player Games

Currently the plan for my video game event is to set up a PlayStation and Wii U, but I definitely want to focus on multiplayer games now. TechSoup brought up interesting points about providing games that allow for more than one student to play at a time. As well having games that incorporate an educational element to them. I think I am going to do Rocket League on the PlayStation and Smash Bros on the Wii U. Both games require teamwork, hand eye coordination and critical thinking skills. I didn’t even think about wireless controllers over normal plugged-in controllers. I’ll have to talk with the students at work to get a better idea of what would work best.


Another website that provided a tool kit for a video game event in the library was the American library Association. What I loved about the information on this site was that it was so detailed and provided so many resources for librarians. There were links to articles on literacy and gaming, history of gaming in the library, and best practices for a gaming event in the library. There was a lot of content and I learned there was actually a tech week in March! As a librarian in training this sometimes happens that I miss an ALA event on the calendar and hold it at a different time in my own library. This can also happen because I have to fit events in to the school’s calendar, but next year I’ll hold the video game event in March during tech week.

The last article I want to share is from CNN called “Do video games belong in libraries.” I loved this article because it talks about what libraries are in the 21st century. The article brings up the viewpoints of “traditionalists” on the purpose of the library and if libraries are moving away from their original purpose. However, the article ultimately sides with it being a good idea. I think it’s great that there are conversations going on in the world about the role of the library in today’s digital world. I like reading the different viewpoints on the subject, because it gives me food for thought. I think all the websites I explored offered a wide spread of helpful information for our video game event and I am so excited for the event! It will bring kids in to the library in a unique and fun way. I like that I get to support student interests and at the same time be doing something that is also educational for them.

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