Week 10: Learning Journal Assignment

Dominique Burns, INFO 233-10, Professors Buchanan and Harlan, Learning Journal Assignment Week 10


With the Vision Project coming up, I’ve been thinking a lot about my ideal school library. I’ve thought a little about what that would look like or how I would redesign my own school library. The article from Frances Bradburn (2013) in the upcoming module talks about the process to redesigning a school library. According to Bradburn (2013) there are five parts to a library redesign, which include “Discovery, interpretation, ideation, experimentation or prototyping, and evolution” (p. 54). While I plan to explore these parts in my project; for this blog post I wanted to look at real life libraries for inspiration. I started with a simple Google search and came across an article from Asta Thrastardottir (2015) called “18 Libraries Every Book Lover Should visit in their Lifetime.” I really liked the Stuttgart City Library in Germany. I loved the clean lines and reading areas. The other library on the list I liked was the Alexandria Library in Egypt. The library had a bit of a museum feel to it with the artwork incorporated in to the space. I again liked the clean lines and the reading/work areas set up around the library. Both libraries had white walls, which made the books stand out as the primary colors in the space.

I found another article by Cyril Foiret (2013) on “10 of the Most Beautiful School Libraries.” My favorite library on here was the Delft University of Technology Library in the Netherlands. The library is completely made of glass, but what stood out was the layout. I realize now that a common thing I like in all of these libraries is the layout. I really like the student reading/work areas. The library has a coffee shop feel to it. While I appreciate the older libraries and beautiful woodwork, I really like the more modern/eclectic libraries.

After exploring these articles I had an idea to see if there was a library design group on Goodreads that I could join. I discovered that there were groups for new libraries, but the groups were primarily book focused. I also explored LibraryThing to see what types of communities they had. They had similar groups, but the groups were more tailored for librarians and information professionals. I found the groups on LibraryThing to be more helpful for the Vision Project as well. I definitely recommend checking them out!

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