Week 7: Learning Journal Assignment

Dominique Burns, INFO 233-10, Professors Buchanan and Harlan, Learning Journal Assignment Week 7


I joined a new online book community called LibraryThing! At first glance the site looks similar to Goodreads.com. I felt hesitant about making an account, mainly because I love Goodreads.  I decided to try the site out, because of a recommendation from a classmate. Once I made a LibraryThing account and explored the site I could see the differences. I like that the site is targeted at avid readers and professionals. There are a lot of options for cataloging and organizing your personal collection. I’m thinking I will start the process of adding my own books to my account this summer. Another neat thing about the site is that you can import your online book purchases form Amazon.



I don’t see my students being as in to the site as I am. I think they would prefer Goodreads over LibraryThing, mainly because of how simple Goodreads is. LibraryThing is a dream for organizing, but at the same time had a lot of options. Goodreads also has more of a social feel to it. I came across a blog post from Barbara Fisters about the differences between the two sites. She writes:

They have significantly different flavors. LibraryThing is more focused on individual members’ catalogs, drawing on book metadata from many sources, making it useful for those who collect pre-ISBN books or non-US, non-English titles. Goodreads is much more social and contemporary and is designed to enable Facebook-like group formation and socializing around books.


I completely agree with Fisters about the differences between the two sites. I think both sites offer users a different experience and that is what makes them popular. Over all I liked LibraryThing and plan to use it more. The site has some other nice features, such as a recommendations page. This page recommends books based off your own collection. I also discovered some librarians in my area on the site and would love to connect with them on there!

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