Week 3: Learning Journal Assignment

Dominique Burns

INFO 233-10, Professors Buchanan and Harlan

Learning Journal Assignment Week 3



IMG_3335This week I had an opportunity to attend a professional development workshop on “Instructional Practices” at the school I work at. We talked about two books, Teaching with Love and Logic by Jim Fay and David Funk (1995) and The 8 Keys of Excellence by Bobbi DePorter (2010). I am familiar with Teaching with Love and Logic and read it many moons ago. It is one of my favorite resources and I recommend it to anyone who works in a school. I was familiar with The 8 Keys of Excellence prior to the workshop, but haven’t read the book. DePorter’s (2010) book is about character education and implementing it in to the classroom. I’m definitely excited to read her book and learn more on the subject. Our administrators provided us with a copy of DePorter’s (2010) book to take home and cut outs of the eight keys.  I really loved getting to spend time with my co-workers and I was also hoping to walk away with some collaboration opportunities.

In INFO 233 one of our assignments was to read four articles from our textbook, School Library Management. Then summarize and share a personal reflection about each article. I found that many of the articles I read and that my classmates read included a common theme. This theme was the importance of collaboration. One of my classmates wrote about the article “School Library Media Collaborations: Benefits and Barriers” by Dawn Frazier (2010). This wasn’t one of my four articles, but it grabbed my attention since it is something I want to work more on. I ended up reading it and I think that every librarian in training should read it too. Frazier (2010) writes “A school librarian’s curricular role has expanded from resource provider to educational partner with the goal of creating 21st century learners” (p. 77). With this in mind I set about finding ways to partner with other co-workers for the benefit of the students. After attending my professional development workshop I walked away with two new collaborations.

The first one is helping the middle school honors teacher with honor society applications. I’m going to be reading and reviewing the applications as a sponsor. The second opportunity is collaborating with the GLT (Gifted Learning Teacher) to make a new template for writing book reviews. We are going to make a template that requires students to provide higher levels of critical thought when writing book reviews. A benefit of helping with this is that I will get to come in to her classroom to work with her students. She also asked if I would display the reviews in the library, which of course I said yes to!


Frazier, D. (2010). School library media collaborations: Benefits and barriers. In G.K. Dickinson & J. Repman (Eds.), School Library Management. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, LLC.

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