Week 2: Learning Journal Assignment

Dominique Burns

INFO 233-10, Professors Buchanan and Harlan

Learning Journal Assignment Week 2

I keep thinking back to the reading the “5 Do’s and Don’ts for Expanding Your PLN as a Teacher” from Global Digital Citizen. I feel like I am perfectly hitting point four on the Don’t List. Point number four being, “Don’t miss out on professional development opportunities.” According to the Global Digital Citizen, “A professional learning network involves making connections and building personal relationships with other educators around the world for the purposes of sharing ideas, resources, and voicing educational concerns.” In some form I am doing this, through online communities like WordPress, Goodreads and LinkedIn. However, I think I am not fully taking advantage of professional development opportunities in my digital or physical learning environments (Buchanan, 2015). Being active in professional development opportunities is a large part to growing, cultivating, and sustaining a professional learning network (The Tenacious Teacher-Librarian Blog, 2015). My school offers free professional development classes as a way for employees to learn and collaborate with one another. My job is a professional learning network in its own and it’s important that I recognize this. Which is why I have decided to sign up for one of those professional development workshops. It’s a way to not only grow my professional learning network, but also grow as a librarian in training.

Since this week we learned about 12 dispositions, I wanted to choose a professional development class that would help strengthen some of my dispositions (Harlan, n.d. p. 13). I singed up for a workshop on “Instructional Practices” to work on my awareness and implementation of a variety of instructional strategies disposition (Harlan, n.d., p.13). The workshop is Friday February 12th, 2016. Since I can’t write too much about a class I have yet to take, I’ll make sure to blog about the experience for my week three post. I’m also hoping that I will walk away with collaboration opportunities from the workshop. I don’t think I do it enough and from everything I have read these past weeks in INFO 233, I’ve come to realize that a disposition for collaboration is a great way to grow personally and professionally.


Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 11.46.35 AM

I also want to share a resource I came across this week since I am talking about professional development opportunities. The LibraryScienceList offers a list of free online professional development courses for librarians. I thought this was a great resource
to share, especially if you don’t have professional development workshops or opportunities in your physical learning environments.


I’d love to know what online professional development opportunities you like to take part in, so share below!




Harlan, M. (n.d.). Dispositions [PowerPoint slides]. Retrieved from https://sjsulis.voicethread.com/share/5806196/

Harlan, M. (n.d.). Document values, roles, and dispositions. (pp. 1-18). Retrieved from              https://sjsu.instructure.com/courses/1185095/files/42169184/download?wrap=1



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