Blog Report 8: Personal Reflection on Information Communities.

Blog Report #8

Final Reflection Blog: Personal reflection on information communities.  

  • Personal reflection on information communities.
  • What are you taking away from your explorations and research?
  • What will inform your practice as an information professional?

This past week’s lecture on creation culture by professor Michael Stephens resonated strongly with my information community and the role of today’s library/librarian (Stephens, 2014). Stephens describes current libraries to now offer open and shared common spaces for any individual to use (Stephens, 2014). He refers to these spaces as “The Commons” and describes the shared space as having many different names or purposes. These common spaces are “beyond just traditional libraries” (Stephens, 2014). My local library offers a time for individuals to come use the computers for gaming with other library patrons. The library advertises sites that include my information community,, on their information bulletin boards. I started looking up other libraries in the area and noticed that they too offered times for library patrons to meet-up with others who shared in their assorted interests. These shared interests could be gaming, video making, discussing favorite shows, crafting, and many other topics. These meet-ups focused on information that expanded beyond the books on the walls. The meet-ups allowed for librarians to offer other ways for patrons to receive information on a mixture of topics through the formulation of smaller communities within the library. It was not necessary for the Librarian to be all knowing on each topic, but rather required the Librarian to develop new ways in our technological world that would help patrons find information.

What I have taken away from this semester is that technology has created new communities and redefined what a community is. Beyond that, technology alters the role of information professionals in the library. Technology allows for individuals to supply information and seek information amongst one another online. This is largely how my information community operates as an online gaming community. As information professionals and future librarians I think it is our role to do more than just acknowledge the online versions of our books in databases and catalogs. I consider it our role to offer learning environments that help other individuals find information through many different mediums. I believe is a version of these “common” spaces that libraries are becoming. This class has helped me in understanding the role of libraries and librarians today. I can understand better yet why a library would have a gaming night. These events allow for the library take online “commons” and make them accessible for more individuals in the library. It allows for patrons to find new communities and information they may not have had access to.

This class as made me realize that as an information professional I want to be able to create unique and new ways that the library can help patrons find information. I want to expand on the concept of libraries being similar to “common” spaces. My dream is to work as a Young Adult Librarian and I think my information community has helped me understand a younger generation of information seekers. This semester has allowed me to research a community I was not knowledgeable on and to look at a way of information seeking online that I did not fully grasp before.







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