Anime and Manga Club = AniManga Club

When I first started at SJSU we had to write blog post, but it could be anything I thought I’d post mine on this blog too since it is about the Anime and Manga Club I run at our school. 

This semester I will be the Anime and Manga Club sponsor at the school I work at. I like to call it the AniManga Club! For those of you who don’t know what anime is, it’s animation created in Japan — similar to cartoons or graphic novels. The AniManga Club is a fun way for students to explore Japanese culture! The club spends time looking at non-fiction and fictional based anime from the past and present. The students get to learn about some of Japan’s history and popular culture through the use of anime. We watch anime, read Japanese comics (also known as “manga”), play trivia, draw, and create awesome anime mementos on craft days.

What I really find interesting and fun about the clubs is that they are a class once a week during block days. The clubs are a neat combo of a traditionally student-run club and a middle school/high school class. Currently, the school is K-9 and each year is adding a new grade level. The clubs consists of students in grades 6th-9th. This age gap causes some difficulty in choosing what to read and watch. A great resource I always recommend when choosing safe media for students is Common Sense Media. This site helps choose shows, movies, and comics that are rated as appropriate for various age groups in middle school and high school. Besides using Common Sense Media, I also ask each students to get a permission slip signed. This is the safest and most efficient way to make sure I am sharing content with the students that parents of 6thgraders all the way to 9th graders will feel comfortable with. This in the end makes for a fun filled AniManga Club semester!


Here is a video about what anime is:

 The original full-length video can be found here

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