Blog Report 1: About Me


I currently reside in Boulder, Colorado with my husband Zack. I am originally from Anchorage, Alaska— born and raised! My family is spread out all over the world though. My parents and brother now live in Australia and my sister just moved back to the U.S. after living for some time in Japan!

I have a bachelors of arts in communication from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Since high school I have studied Japanese and after graduating from CU I traveled around Japan with my now husband Zack! I currently work at a K-12 school here in Colorado as the K-8 Library Assistant.  Before I worked in a library, I worked for Radio Disney planning interactive and educational events for kids ranging K-8. There were many aspects of the job I enjoyed, such as working with kids and planning fun events (library jamborees, etc). It was long hours and at times very exhausting. I knew I wanted a career change, so I started thinking about what I enjoyed in the job and what I loved to do. Long story short, I ended up working as a Library Assistant and fell head over heels in love with the job. It is the most fantastic job I have ever had! I get to book talk and help students/teachers find the information they need. I am over the moon ecstatic to now be working towards a MLIS degree through SJSU online. I hope to be a teaching librarian in the future.

A fun fact or two about myself— for one I am an avid Veronica Mars fan. I actively participated in the Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter and was there in L.A for the premier. It was great and definitely a dear diary moment! Another fun fact is that my husband and myself are big fans of Lord of the Rings. Recently, we traveled to New Zealand and did the Lord of the Rings tour.

In Library 203 we had the option to make these fun videos with Animoto in our introductions. I thought I would share mine here too!

Here is my video from Animoto:



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